Kidpreneur since 9/4/18

   Why Essentials from Erin?


My name is Erin and I am a cute girl who was diagnosed with ADHD. The birth of  my business all started when my mommy seen me make 4 layer rubber band stretch bracelets as well as alphabet bead bracelets on the couch without looking at any directions. I knew how to do the knotting and tying on my own without any help at all. I am also an artist and love bright colors. We figured since the type of jewelry I like mostly has bright colors and the fact that I’m an artist, that this would be the perfect business.

I opened my business on 9/4/18 at 9 yrs old to inspire kids and adults with disorders that they too, can still achieve their goals in life. My essentials are meant to serve as a reminder to never give up in life no matter what. When you look at my essentials I want you to remember that a 10 yr old girl sold you this that continues to strive for greatness no matter the challenge. I want to be your positive example of hope and belief